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October 7, 2020
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Knives and All Their Applications

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Of course you've probably used a knife today; buttering your toast in the morning or slicing up your breakfast. You may have even needed to use a pocketknife when caught in a sticky situation, or used a small, blunt knife to open your mail. They are all around us, yet have so many different applications and uses that it's hard to categorize them. We use knives daily without thinking about them or their parts and uses.

There are three types of knives: Utensil knives, that are most widely used, tool knives, which are knives that help you accomplish a task, and weapon knives commonly used for self protection. We also use machine knives and blades when using machines that require blades, such as saws, scissors or leather splitting.

Common utensil knives:
Bread knives: Serrated edge, used for cutting through soft breads and doughs.
Boning knives: Used for the removal of bones from poultry, fish or meat.
Carving knives: Great for carving large quantities of cooked meat, such as poultry and beef.
Chef's knives: The most common of the utensil knives, it's also known as a French Knife and has applications all over the kitchen, such as in preparing food.
Electric knives: Knives, usually with a serrated edge that create a sawing action when turned on.

Common tool knives:
Diver's knives: A standard in any divers equipment, it allows for any number of applications that the diver may need while underwater.
Hunting knives: Knives to use to dress large game.
Palette knives: Small, blunt knives that are used while mixing colors in an artist's studio.
Scalpel: A small knife commonly used in medical applications and surgery.

Utility Knives: Any number of knives used for day to day activities and jobs, such as cutting cardboard boxes or twine.

Weapon Knives:
Throwing knives: Knives that are specially weighted to be thrown at a target.
Trench knives: With a characteristic D-shaped handle, these knives are equipped for close quarter self protection.

The applications for knives go on and on. Along with your every day kitchen knives and machine knives and blades, we use knives for a variety of reasons. Make sure to always use knives carefully, and study all safety related material that comes with purchasing a knife. Your safe usage is required, as knives can be dangerous and must be operated with extreme care. Once you know how to use them, knives can be a valuable tool to use in all types of situations.


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