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August 31, 2020
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Hunting Spotting Scopes

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Unlike the regular binoculars, hunting spotting scopes have greater magnification power that usually ranges from 15x to 250x, depending on the kind you are using. It allows better visual range during bird watching, telephotography, amateur astronomy, and target shooting. This is especially true when the spotting scope is supported by a tripod because it allows intensified magnification power and stability that is often not possible with binoculars. There are several brands of hunting spotting scopes in the market and this article will help you choose which one best fits your needs.

The usual specification of a typical spotting scope is formatted as 30 x 65mm or 15-45 x 60mm. The first number that appears before the "x" is the magnification capacity of the spotting scope. It refers to the number of times the targeted object is zoomed on your camera. The magnification capacity may either be "fixed" (such as 30x) or variable (such as 15-45x). The number after the "x" is the diameter of the lens of the spotting scopes for hunting, which is expressed in millimeters.
Many hunters prefer fixed-power lenses while many others prefer variable models. Variable models are more popular because of their versatility because they allow you to adjust the magnification settings for finer details. As far as the diameter of the lens is concerned, a wider diameter allows a wider field of view of the target.

Often when the magnification power is set to its highest, the images become grainier or less clear. You want to make sure that the spotting scope you choose will allow you to magnify things without making it look shaky for crisper images.

The coating of the internal glass surfaces will determine the brightness and clarity of the images. High-quality hunting spotting scopes allow you to see images even under low-light conditions. These high-quality scopes have special chemical coatings applied to the surface of the lens that help make the images clearer. The more coatings, the clearer the images you see. There are coated, fully-coated, multi-coated, and fully multi-coated lens that you can choose from.

High quality hunting spotting scopes are often rubber-armored to make them less vulnerable to banging and bumping that are inevitable in the field. Some of them are even waterproof. They are often contained in a kit that contains a soft carry case and tripod. Consider buying accessories for your spotting scopes for hunting. Some spotting scope kits include accessories such as rings, bases, and covers. Covers are necessary to keeping the spotting scope scratch-free. Bases are necessary to keep the rifle and scope together.

In the end, you need to decide the specific features that you want for your spotting scopes for hunting. Generally, the more features the spotting scope have, the more expensive it will be.


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