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May 24, 2020
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Bicycle Trailers - Peddling Fun That Includes The Baby

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Previously parents were limited in their ability to take their children along for bicycle rides. Bicycle seats are for children who are at least able to sit up and then they are a bit precarious as well if you are not an expert bicycle rider. Now there are bicycle trailers which can be pulled safely behind your bike with up to two children.

There are many different brands and styles of bicycle trailers that can be pulled behind your bicycle. Most have two rear wheels while some have three total wheels. All are covered from the sun and other elements. Children can bring blankets and pillows inside and make a nice, comfortable ride for themselves.

Each of the bicycle trailers attach to your bicycle in a variety of ways, mostly with a long metal tube and a hitch that securely connects to your seat stem. Some of them come with an extra harness strap for added security.

Many of the bicycle trailers are made not only for use with the bicycles, but convert into walking strollers, snow ski strollers or jogging strollers. This multiple use trailer is one of the higher-end bicycle trailers , but well worth the additional cost for the extra uses. There are even snow ski bicycle trailer kits to be able to place skis on the bottom of the trailer so you can snow ski or skate ski or even snow shoe with your child or children in the trailer while you wear a harness and pull the trailer along behind you.

Made of a durable, breathable material, a mixture of vinyl, and tent material, the bicycle trailers can tow one or two children or up to 100 pounds of camping gear, hiking gear or whatever you need to haul with your bicycle. They also come with a thin layer of netting so that bugs stay out and your child can see the world as they travel along with you. And many of the bicycle trailers are lightweight so that you are not weighing down when you are cycling. In addition, if something were to happen to you on your bike and you do tumble, the trailer will remain upright and the children or gear will be safe.

A bicycle trailer is great for taking the smaller children to preschool or having them accompany you to the grocer for a few items. Bicycling is a great way to stay fit and taking your little ones along is more fun than doing it alone. Using your bicycle trailer to haul groceries will save you gas by not using your car, or when you go camping, you can take the bicycle trailer on the trails with hiking and camping or fishing gear so you don't have to use a backpack.

Babies and small infants must be secured in a car seat before being placed in the bicycle trailer. Even though the trailers are stable and rarely tip over, the babies do get jostled around quite a bit and babies and infants can't hold on or sit up like toddlers and older children can. They must be protected and a carrier or car seat is the best way to protect them from bumps.

So if you are an active parent who enjoys a leisurely bicycle ride, a bicycle trailer is a great way to combine both your love of riding and your love of your children.


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